The history of psychology in Nepal can be traced back to 1947 when it was introduced at TriChandra College, Kathmandu in the intermediate level as part of philosophy. It was run under the management of Patna University, India till the establishment of Tribhuvan University, the first university of Nepal. Tri Chandra College, the first college of Nepal established in 1918 A.D., launched Bachelor of Psychology programs in the beginning started initially with few faculties and students.
At present, there are two professors, two associate professors holding PhD degree and one senior lecturer, perusing PhD degree in the stream of Legal Psychology. This very department runs training in counseling (basic and specific), self esteem, sand play therapy, motivation, psychometric test, and leadership etc, Counseling services are available at department on demand. Talk program, workshop, seminar and conference are conducted to enhance knowledge of recent development in Psychology for students as well as faculties to meet the International Standard of Education. We do have nearly 250 students enrolled in Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling (PGDPC) in morning, B.A. in day time, and M.A. on evening respectively.

The future of psychological science requires that we train and work in multidisciplinary teams, employ different methods and approaches, and shift our focus to translational science. The future of our profession requires substantial changes. So we seek to open an association at Trichandra College that will greatly enhance the access to higher education. This initiative seeks to capitalize the opportunity created by Nepalese psychologists own plan to establish such an association. Thus, basic demand analysis, political and educational need assessment, and national priorities have already been made by the professionals. As the Nepali Diaspora has also reached a critical mass of well educated, resourceful and interested individuals for such an endeavor, this proposed program is timely and the goals are achievable.

An association of  Psychologists in Nepal (ANP), a non-governmental and non-profitable association will be focusing on prioritized issues which are associated to development of Psychology. ANP will contribute to the development process by conducting research, implementing effective programs to create environment through initiation, facilitation and coordination of activities and networking/lobbying and advocating on equitable development strategies over all Nepal.