• Invited as panelist to attend 125th APA convention - opening ceremony, reception for international visitors, other special convention events, conversation hour/symposium on issues focused in challenges facing psychology today.
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  • Invited to participate in Roundtable Discussion forum in a specific topic “Testing development in the Southeast Asia area” in Regional Conference of Psychology 2017, Hanoi Vietnam..
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  • It organized training to the students of MA Psychology periodically.    I organized training for suicide prevention to the students and sent them to disasters areas to are and support them. 


  • we have done workshop on child sexual abuse intervention through art therapy. All together there were 20 Counselors, Psychologists and mental health professionals were participated.
    Workshop was facilitated by Dr.Narendra Thagunna, Jyotshna Dangi and Pradeep Subedi 
    Training was organized by PSYCHDESK FOUNDATION and School of Psychology Nepal (TSOP Nepal) and APN.

  • Association of Psychologist in Nepal (APN)  Trichandra College, Kathmandu  has conducted community based Psychosocial Support to Earthquake Victims in Nepal.

    With the same purpose, TSOP Nepal and APN  had organized 2 days Training on Suicide Prevention Facilitation Training  targeting different child care community workers, facilitators and officers working in the community in order to enhance their capacity in identifying and dealing with  suicide related and psychosocial issues among children and parents. The training was conducted on 6 different different dates of like 6-7 August, 3-4, 6-7 September 2016 in Kathmandu, Kavre districts.  There were 93 participants from almost a dozen of districts of Nepal who enthusiastically participated in the training program. Most of the participants were representing janjati communities while some of them were also from Bahun/Chhetri and other communities. Approximated 80% of the participants were female.

    The general objective of the training program was to enhance knowledge, attitude and skills of  Suicide prevention in emergency

    • Group discussion and presentation
    • Role play and simulation exercises
    • Case presentation and discussion
    • Video and documentary shows
    • Therapeutic tools for assessment and support
    • Games and activities focusing on parents and child related issues